Supreme Court


Lv.Civ.App. 4192/16 El Al Israel airlines Ltd. V. Heritage Affinity Enterprises LLC. (Published NEVO, 14 June 2016)

Civil law – Deposit of a Bond for costs

Lv.Civ.App. 5653/16 Ceragon Networks Ltd. V. Yehoshua Hazan (Published NEVO, 13 October 2016)

Class Action - Discovery proceedings at the stage of a motion to certify the class action

Lv.Civ.App. 9745/16 Comverse Technology Inc V. Orit Deutsch (Published NEVO, 8 August 2017)

Class Action - Securities law

High Court of Justice 5998/12 Guy Ronen and 684 others V. Keenest Israel (Published NEVO, 25 August 2013)

Constitutional Law - Judicial Review

Lv.Civ.App 2017/10 Hillel Kuperman V. DRY MILLS LTD. (Published NEVO, 6 November 2012)

Arbitration – Motion for annulment of arbitral award

Lv.Civ.App 9686/09 Neot Oasis Hotels Ltd. V. Mordechai Zisser (Published NEVO, 21 February 2010)

Civil law - Deposit of a Bond for costs

Civ.App 1471/06 Agiv Consultation and Management Ltd. V. Yair Horowitz (Published NEVO, 6 March 2008)

Civil law – Summary judgment, the enforcement of checks

Civ.App 10738/04 Ofcom 2000 Inc. v. Comverse Technology Inc. (published NEVO, 16 January 2005)

Civil law – Motion to recuse the judge

Lv.Civ.App. 3888/04 Sharbat V. Sharbat, PD 49 (4) 49.

Contempt of court proceedings

Civ.App 11173/02 Alonyal Ltd. V. Ze'ev Bar Ltd. (Published NEVO, 3 April 2006)

Contracts - Interpretation of the agreement

Civ.App 11100/02 Ronen Hatzor V. Nissim Dotan (Published NEVO, 16 February 2004)

Evidence – The burden of proof

Civ.App.10892/02 Neot Oasis Hotels Ltd. V. Mordechai Zisser (Published NEVO, 6 June 2005)

Arbitration – Parties to arbitration and assignees

Civ.App 10385/02 Machness V. Regent Investments Ltd., PD 48 (2) 53.

Corporations and contracts - Personal liability of an officer of the Company

Civ.App 610/94 Buchbinder V. The official receiver in his position as the liquidator of the North American Bank, PD 47(4) 289.

Corporations – directors' Duty of caution