District Court


Civ.Motion (T.A) 45704-09-17 Offer Menirav V. Central Committee of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Published NEVO, 12 November 2017)

Corporations- The right of a director to inspect documents of the company

Cls.Act. (T.A) 7363-01-05 Yehoshua Hazan v. Ceragon Networks Ltd. (Published NEVO, 8 June 2016)

Class Action – Securities, discovery proceedings at the stage of a motion to certify the class action

Civ.Case (T.A) 6119-11-14 Loyal Bank Limited V. GBES Ltd (Published NEVO, 28 June 2015)

Civil law -Long arm jurisdiction; service of court documents to foreign defendants

Cls.Act. (T.A) 41731-10-13 Nir tzarfati V. Fortissimo Capital Management Ltd. (Published NEVO, 2 February 2016)

Class Action – motion to certify a class action; business opportunity, oppression of the minority

Civ.Case (T.A) 32070-05-10 Ackerstein Tzvi Ltd V. Industrial Building Ltd. (Published NEVO, 28 September 2016)

Contracts - Consensus ad idem; a meeting of the minds

Cls.Act (T.A) 33461-11-09 Benjamin Assulin V. Africa Israel Investments Ltd (Published NEVO, 13 February 2013)

Class Action – Securities; burden of proof for certification of class action

Civ.Case (J-M) 3433-09 Konstantin Tikhonov, Adv. V. The New HaMashbir LaZarchan Ltd. (Published NEVO, 2 January 2012)

Class Action - Withdrawal from a class action

Civ.Case (Central) 2710-04-08 Menachem gelbrad, adv. V. Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha, Cooperative Society (Published NEVO, 26 January 2012)

Contracts - Breach of contract and Claim for legal fees

Civ.Case (T.A) 1572-08 Yair Rabinovitch, cpa. V. Agiv Consultation and Management Ltd. (Published NEVO, 7 November 2011)

Administrative Law; standard of conduct of an administrative authority

Civ.Case (T.A) 2313-07 Mishal Rosenberg, cpa. V. Tzuri Dabush (Published NEVO, 29 November 2012)

Contracts – Verbal consent for the matter of fees

B/R (J-M) 3150/06 KARTA central Jerusalem Developments Ltd. V. The official receiver (Published NEVO, 12 February 2007)

Liquidation of a government owned company

Civ.App (T.A) 1271/06 Ofcom 2000 Inc. v. Comverse Technology Inc. (Published NEVO, 10 January 2008)

Contracts - consensus ad idem; a meeting of the minds

Misc.Civ.Motion (T.A) 27444/05 Arad coffee nectar Ltd. V. Mifalei Tachanot Ltd. (Published NEVO, 18 January 2006)

Civil law ; Antitrust and interlocutory injunctions

Misc.Civ.Motion (J-m) 4070/05 KARTA central Jerusalem Development Ltd. V. Alrov Ltd. (Publishe NEVO, 31 July 2006)

Arbitration – Motion for annulment of arbitral award

App.Labor (National) 1521/04 Amir Ronen V. Call (Israel) Ltd. (Published NEVO, 31 July 2006).

Civil law – Res Judicata

Civ.Case (T.A) M and M Investments Ltd. V. A.L. M.SH. Construction and Investments Ltd. (Published NEVO, 28 February 2007)

Civil law ; Contracts - Contract interpretation

Misc.Civ.Motion 530/01 Alrov Ltd. V. KARTA central Jerusalem Development Ltd. (Published NEVO, 5 July 2001)

Arbitration - Interpretation of an arbitration agreement

Misc.Civ.Motion (J-m) 405/00 Alrov Ltd. V. KARTA central Jerusalem Development Ltd. (Published NEVO, 4 December 2000)

Arbitration - Interpretation of an arbitration agreement

Civ.Case (T.A) 1571/99 Regent Investments Ltd. V. Machness Dan (Published NEVO, 30 September 2002)

Contracts –bad faith negotiation


Liquidation- contractual rights and property rights