The Firm specializes in a wide variety of commercial litigation cases: complex contractual claims, shareholders’ disputes, class and derivative actions, marital disputes that include complex commercial aspects, and more. The cases handled by the Firm are linked to various legal fields of expertise; Company and Partnership Law; Property Law; Contract Law; Arbitration Law; Banking and Securities Law, and more.

The Firm believes that, in litigation, the advantage lies in excellence, in the personal touch and in-depth knowledge of the case at hand.

That is why the Firm handles a selected number of cases, each led by one of the partners along with associates, starting with the strategy building stage, through all decision-making intersections and naturally – the appearance in court.

The Firm handles cases while creating a deep common interest with the client; sharing the fruits of the success (e.g.: contingency based fee arrangements) ensures commercial dispute management in a creative, initiating and proactive way, taking advantage of opportunities to conclude the dispute even at early stages of the dispute.

The team is highly motivated, equipped with excellence and a desire to succeed, and is very loyal to the Firm and the clients.

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